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Logo Design for a Denver, Colorado Husband & Wife Photography Team

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Some of our clients have no idea what direction they want to go in when starting to build a new brand, while others have done their research and know exactly what they want.  In the case of Joe and Robin Harbison, a husband and wife wedding photography team out of Denver, CO, they pretty much knew exactly where they wanted to go with their new brand.  They had color palettes already selected and samples of logos they liked. They were leaning towards a circle logo that incorporated mountains and weddings as they prefer to shoot mountain weddings.

Below is the final logo along with a sample identity package to show how they can start building their visual brand.

branding, identity & logo design

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Logo Design for Comedy Club Coming to Fairview Heights, IL

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Do you need a new logo designed or possibly a re-brand?  If so, GET IT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!  It always amazes us how companies don’t have the budget to get a quality logo designed up front, but they somehow have it for re-designs (because they aren’t happy with what they receive from less experienced designers).  Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand.  It directly reflects your business, so having a visually unappealing, amateur designed logo makes your company look unprofessional and amateurish.

This brings us to Hey Guys Comedy, a new comedy club coming to Fairview Heights, IL, where the old Cupids Restaurant used to be located.  I believe the owners went through two to three designers/design firms before they contracted Visual Lure.  In an email from one of the owners, she stated “I have had a heck of a time with a few different companies and people have not been nice at all.”

That is where we came in.  After initial communications we found that they knew exactly what they wanted.  They wanted a logo with a vintage microphone that was on fire. Below are our initial logo design options of the burning microphone. The last option was an extra design that we sketched while we were on the initial phone call.  Check back soon to see which logo they select, and be sure to check out the comedy club when it opens.

comedy club logo design

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UPDATE:  The logo has been narrowed down to these final two options:

Hey Guys Comedy final 2 logo design options

UPDATE:  The final logo has been selected and is the top option above that uses the Art Deco typeface.

Fun Logo Design for a Fisheye Photo Booth Company

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Visual Lure just wrapped up this new logo for Fisheye Booth, a West Virginia photo booth company that takes fun event photos using a fisheye lens. Since the photos are playful and hilarious, they wanted a “fun” logo that would stand out and be memorable.  Below is the new logo design and identity package we delivered.

The logo features a fish with a camera shutter eyeball, all slightly distorted in the same way as the photo booth images.  The fish is also carrying a cane and wearing a bow tie and top hat as the booth will most likely be used at weddings and other formal events.  Those elements were also added because the booth will supply funny props such as glasses, hats, and other accessories to enhance the experience and the images.

fisheye photography logo design

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Branding a Miami, FL Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Leonardo Volturo, a very talented photographer and videographer from Miami, FL recently contracted Visual Lure to re-brand his engagement and wedding photography studio.  The branding package included a new logo, a business card design, a print ad and a new custom, responsive designed WordPress website and blog.  The new website features a Pinterest style masonry portfolio with a pop-up slideshow and an infinite scrolling blog.  We will also be providing search engine optimization (SEO) services as they were having a hard time getting their existing website to rank in the highly competitive “Miami wedding photographer” search results.

The new website is currently in the development stages and should launch later this month, so check back soon to see the new site. In the meantime, check out his current website at www.leonardovolturo.com.

logo and website design for LV photography

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New Logo and Identity Package for Iowa Photographer

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Visual Lure recently completed a new logo and identity package for Brune Photography, owned by Kathie Brune, one of the photographers we had the pleasure of meeting this year at Shutterfest.  Kathie wanted a handwritten script used in the logo along with a set of wings.  She also requested to use the color purple.  Both the wings and the color purple had a deeper meaning for her and her family.

Below you can see the final logos, both vertical and horizontal options, and below that is the new identity package (letterhead, envelope and business card design).

brune photography logo design

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Logo, Identity & Packaging Design for St. Louis Metro East Photographer

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Niche Photography, a St. Louis Metro East photography studio owned by the talented Chad Keffer, recently came to Visual Lure to help re-brand his company.  Niche main focus is on engagement and wedding photography but they have recently been dabbling into baby and children’s photography too.

Chad’s old logo consisted of a common handwritten script that seemed a little generic. He wanted his new logo to feel rich and upscale.  During our creative brief we asked Chad to provide us with sample logos that he really liked. Many of the samples he provided us were very ornate, so we decided to head in that direction.

Below is the final logo, the final letterhead system and initial packaging options, which we are currently working on.  We may also be designing Niche a new website, so check back soon to see how we start to visually pull his entire brand together.  In the meantime, check Niche out at niche-photography.com, or facebook.com/NichePhotographySTL.


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On a side note, Niche recently photographed my son Benjamin.  Here is my favorite photo from that session:

benjamin photography

Complete Branding Package for St. Louis Semi-Truck Leasing Company

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Visual Lure recently completed a branding package for Profit Leasing, a St. Louis, MO semi-trailer truck leasing company.  The owners wanted the logo design to have an icon of some sort that represented money and profit.  The logo we designed consists of a wing that was inspired by a fan of hundred dollar bills.  The wing represents speed and motion for logistics and the fanned hundred dollar bills represents money and profit.

Below you can see both the vertical and horizontal logos, the truck graphics, pocket folders, sample inserts and one of their new posters/ads.


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